About Me

Welcome to Sabrina’s Shirt Shack, where the journey began unexpectedly but beautifully. In the midst of a career-focused life, a simple question at a dinner table prompted a soul-searching moment. At 49, about to turn 50, I realized I had no hobby and didn't know what I enjoyed. Seeking direction, I turned to prayer, and during a Thanksgiving vacation, serendipity struck through TikTok.

Live feeds of people pressing t-shirts captivated me, and the joy in creating those designs sparked an idea. With encouragement from loved ones like Ryan, Cathryn, Melisa, and Mark, I took a leap into a new passion. Purchasing a heat press on Black Friday was the beginning of Sabrina’s Shirt Shack (special thanks to Mark for coming up with the name).

Sharing the journey with a select few, including my supportive sister, brother-in-law, Cathryn and Ryan, this venture unfolded with divine alignment. Learning the art of pressing shirts, understanding design nuances, and exploring the quality of materials became a source of immense joy.

In this venture, I found not just a hobby but a purpose – to bring joy to others. Each shirt pressed at Sabrina’s Shirt Shack comes with the genuine Sabrina joy stamp. With Ryan and Cathryn by my side, this small business is a testament to answered prayers and newfound happiness. Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey of creativity and fulfillment!

Love - Sabrina & Cathryn